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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pondering my word for 2014

I am considering a new guiding word or phrase for 2014.  Last year's word was "light" but I didn't have a clear idea how to implement it into my daily life and be inspired by the word (the goal of having a "word" for the year).  Maybe "light" was too abstract a concept to shape my environment and behavior.  This year, I will select a more concrete action - which may end up being a didactic phrase.  Still thinking it over in the seven days left of 2013...

I finally got a vintage typewriter!  A Royal Futura 800 from Bungalow by the Beach. It just needs a new ribbon and some cleaning and we're off to the races (or the novel or the poem or the screenplay).  Next up, a 1902 Remington typewriter!