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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Documented Life Project | 2nd Quarter 2014 | Flip Video

I am using my Moleskine planner as a glue book instead of an actual planner. I create in this book with abandon. My inner child is let out to play in these pages. 

It's basically a vision book ~ more kinetic and tactile than a vision board and, therefore, more infused with energy.

I belong to several social media based creativity groups and, except for Documented Life Project, I don't follow the prompts. My DLP prompt responses are found on the "tip-in" pages - the ones that fold out to the right. It's why my book is so gloriously fat!

I made this video on the fly after a busy weekend and in between errands. I cover my art table with poster board to keep it clean. I thought the stamped and painted remnants of past projects would add flair to this video. Instead, it's very distracting. Live and learn. 

Thanks for watching!

To learn about the Documented Life Project, click here: