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Friday, July 31, 2015

ICAD 2015 ~ Complete!

I had a wonderful time, as always, participating in Daisy Yellow's
Index Card A Day (ICAD), which involves creating a small piece
of art every day during the months of June and July.

This year, I mixed it up a little and created mixed media collages
on Rolodex cards.

I hope you will join in the fun next year!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where Bloggers Create Party 2015

I'm super happy to be joining in on the "Where Bloggers
Create Party" on Karen Valentine's My Desert Cottage Blog.

I'm a mixed media and collage artist.

I'm sharing tiny vignettes of my creative spaces, which include
a converted sun room, where I store my stamps
on shelves put up by my fabulous husband...

I love Mermaids and have a tiny, but growing, collection.
The pink mermaid was custom-made for me by the
lovely and talented Zie Campbell.

I also collect vintage globes, and have five of them around the house.

The vintage glove form was purchased at Renningers Antique Extravaganza
in Mount Dora, Florida this past February.
My good friends Sandra Kaye and Darlene Winter and I
all bought a glove form to commemorate our fun
time together and will each transform our "hands" into
mixed media art pieces.

Stay tuned for the finished pieces...

I'm a little obsessed with Washi Tape. 

This is only a fraction of my collection.

I've got some of it organized on this thread rack
I got at JoAnn Fabric (with a coupon!) for $9.

I'm also a stencil fiend.

My hubs bought this spinning rack for me on Amazon.
It's great for storing small stencils.
I keep my 12' x 12' stencils in a plastic project box,
which you can find on sale at Michael's periodically for $4 each.

You can never have enough pens.
I'm embarrassed to say this is only about 5% of my total pen stash.

Same thing goes for paint brushes.

...and acrylic paint...

I've got a full set of 12 Dylusions Acrylic Paints
purchased from A Small Cleverness
in Orange Park, Florida.

I pick up pretty baskets and containers wherever I find them.

I got this basket at a thrift shop.

The pretty rolled-up art paper came from Reddi Arts.

I incorporate my kids' art work and projects into my
creative space.

These decorative paper tape tins were purchased at
Dick Blick in San Diego when I was there in December.
Talk about a kid in a candy shop!

I'd rather have my stuff out where I can see it,
versus stuffed away in a drawer,
so my shelves are bursting with trinkets
and small projects.

I have a collection of art books,
some of which were written by artists
I've met - and all of whom I admire!

I ADORE hexagons.
I got this aluminum hexagon tub on clearance at
The Container Store in Orlando. Score@

I love the quick efficiency of punches, so I have a lot of them.

I love this Golden Acrylic Paints color chart, handmade by
their employees. 

I also love my fiddle-leaf fig tree and this cool Chinese
fish thingy I got at Bungalow by the Beach,
where I have some original art and jewelry 
for sale. Ahem.

I'm a big Stampin' Up fan.
I think I have all the stamps in their 
2013 - 2015 catalogs. 

I'm a sucker for decorative scrapbook paper.

This shiny tape is foil tape from the hardware store.

Hardware stores are a wonderful resource for
mixed media art supplies!

I'm all about texture!

...and birds...

Last, but not least, my IKEA Raskog Cart.

I love it so much, I ordered another one today, in cream color.
It will arrive in a few days.


I'm also a newbie quilter, being taught by the
fabulously talented (and endlessly patient) Sandra Kaye.

For now, my quilting space is actually in my bedroom.
I use this Singer Sonata sewing machine I got for my
high school graduation present in 1983 for piecing my quilts.

I've also got a Bernina 1230 gifted to me by my
generous mother-in-law. I use the Bernina for
free-motion quilting.

My tiny, but growing, fabric stash!

Friday, July 10, 2015

ICAD 2015 {Index Card a Day} is over halfway done for this year!

ICAD's #1-5

This is the third year I've participated in
which a small piece of daily art 
created each day in June and July.

This year, I'm doing Rolodex cards, instead of index cards,
as my ICAD's.

ICAD's #6 - 14

ICAD's #15 - 23

ICAD's #24 - 32

ICAD's #33 - 40

Only three more weeks of ICAD 2015 left to go!

SOLO Strip Quilt! {Lasagne.}

I'm trying my hand at solo quilting with these pre-cut
Modi Fabrics, while my friend and quilt
tutor Sandra Kaye recovers from ankle surgery.

Um...I might've been a little hasty with the big quilt aspirations...
I selected a "lasagne" quilt, using a pre-cut jelly roll of quilt fabric,
but the resulting strip of sewn strips proved too long and twisty
for me to manage (even with the hubs' help!), so I've modified it
to accommodate my skills (basic).

Stay tuned to find out if this turns out to be a quilt
or just a hot mess!

A well-deserved tea-time break was enjoyed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Re-Building My Quilting Fabric Stash.

After using up most of my fabric stash on my first
Turning Twenty quilt, I began rebuilding my stash today
at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe today on a quilting
"field trip" with my friend and quilting mentor Sandra Kaye.

As always, we had a great time!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Turning Twenty Quilt Binding HAND SEWN on and finished!

I finished hand sewing the binding on my first
Turning Twenty quilt, as instructed by my
great friend and quilt teacher Sandra Kaye.

I naively bought 50 quilt clips, thinking I would use them all.

It immediately became apparent 
that I only needed 5 or 6 then, later, 
only one! LOL