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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Work in Progress: My Commonplace Book

Since the summer, have been working in this little (7.5" x 10") art journal that I constructed from loose card stock cut to fit a vintage book cover that I re-covered with old architectural drawings and masking tape.

I'm using a ring binding system, with gradually larger rings as the book grows.

The book serves as a visual diary and a place to play around with various art techniques and to practice composition, color, proportion, etc.

Art therapy is a very effective way to work out emotions. I work in this book every day, even though I don't necessarily finish an entire page every day. Some days, I only add a line, a smear of paint or a single image or word.

It's satisfying to work in series, which I hadn't ever done before. Even though it's only for me and only "practice," it's still a body of work and I can witness my evolution as a collage artist very clearly in these pages.

This "visual meditation," has become an integral part of my life and a much-loved creative ritual.