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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Art & Soul | Fall 2015 Series | Women Writing for (a) Change Jacksonville

I have really enjoyed the Art & Soul series
facilitated by the very talented Jennifer Wolfe

Today we celebrated the end of another
semester (my third) with a public reading
and display of art at


The following collages and poems were created 
by me during the Fall 2015 semester.

the wrong god home,
we may miss
our star.

the illusion
of constant productivity,
we miss
the full depth
of our lives.

We congratulate
on amassing possessions;
the clutter stacked up
like a fortress
behind which we hunker down
to fend off the unknown.

Our energies
are spent
on the care
and maintenance
of an idolatous ego;
clinging to
a self-proclaimed role;
the strong one,
the reliable one,
the one who could
be counted upon
but for her inattention.

We must stop
wasting time
and energy
on bridging
the irreconcilable
of who we think we are
and who we really are.

We must re-center
our inner compasses.

I arrive at this time,
needing to exercise
my voice
and hear
what it has to say.

Have I been asleep
and dreaming,
my voice silenced
by the dull,
repetitive slumber
of routine
and habit?

Silent no longer, 
I must embrace
the inner wisdom
that spills out, 
both flooding
and lifting up
my consciousness
and experience.

Real living
is both joyous
and devastating,
and constantly
in decay.

To shore myself
up against
even the worst of it,
is to deny 
my humanity;

The richest gift
that this unholy ghost
has been given
by the universe.

I’m drawn intuitively
to circles
and spirals
and the non-linear,
as a child to the womb.

The sharp, straight
lines of 
our short dash
from birth to death
are but the streaking
tail of a comet,

circling back
in its ancient orbit
to pass this way
and again.